Network Music Festival

Sound without Borders // 15-18th July 2020

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OPEN CALL Installation Exhibition

The Network Music Festival will present 2 installations exhibitions this year:  m a c h i n i c d r i f t’, curated by Samuel Rodgers, and an exhibition curated by the NMF team made up of submissions to the OPEN CALL.

The NMF OPEN CALL installation exhibition will be presented at Space II at The Edge, and will present 4 works by Ian Baxter, SATSYMPH, Scot Gresham-Lancaster & Steve Bull and Rob Canning.

The exhibition will open at 6pm, Friday 22nd February ahead of our opening concert at 8pm and will be open for the duration the festival weekend.

Ian Baxter will present his work ‘Playing the Weather System’ which takes live weather data from the BBC to algorithmically determine the musical parametres of the output sound such as pitch, scale, filtering and reverb.

SATSYMPH’s ‘On a Theme of Hermes’ is a mobile phone app which participants can download to their smartphone. The participant can then go to any outdoor location and follow instructions to create an individual GPS-triggered virtual sound environment to explore.

‘Cellphonia’ by Scot Gresham-Lancaster & Steve Bull is an interactive installation where pariticpants can record a short clip of sound which is automatically added to a dynamically shifting score made up of all the participants recordings.

Rob Canning will present ‘Radio Kulturo’, an installations that rebroadcasts and remixes the national classical radio station of every country in the European Union – thus exploring notions of consensus, time and simultaneity.

More details of the ‘m a c h i n i c d r i f t’ exhibition can be found here.

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