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Sound without Borders // 15-18th July 2020

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OPEN CALL performers!

Time to let you know about our first round of OPEN CALL performers:

Radikal Audio Lab, Ewa Justka, TAPERS, Informal, Juxtavoices and Delbrots and the Man will all perform at NMF2013.

Radikal Audio Lab. play electroacoustic music, computer-generated sounds and noise-based compositions. Frank Niehusmann and Clemens von Reusner connect their electronic instruments as an interactive computer network. Thereby they create unique concert versions of their compositions using live-sampling, looping- and live-overdubbing techniques based on their own software network.

Ewa Justka is a polish electronic artist based in London. Her work is focused on performative and philosophical aspects of ‘noise’. Her performance at NMF2013 explores possibilities of distance communication and ways of data exchange. What are these day to day signals around us? How do they influence our activities? What is communication? Is it possible that in the nearest future the communication between human species will become pure signals exchange?

TAPERS describe themselves as unconventionally crafted contemporary classical music: the lo-fi aesthetics and magnetics of Gustav Rye and Simon Kinch. (Lost and) found objects, Schoenbergian wax grunge, and deconstructed cassette concrète, all created through hand-sculpted set-ups of rewired walkmans and jumble sale electronics.

Contemporary composer John Eacott will present his piece ‘Floodtide’ with Informal. The piece is based on the natural movements of the river Thames. It will see Eacott collect real-time data on the river’s tidal movement, which is automatically translated into musical notation, and transmitted via the internet to be performed by a chamber group of classical musicians in Birmingham.

Juxtavoices comprises both trained and untrained voices. The group uses fixed texts and structures for its compositions, but no specific pitches are ever written and through use of improvised elements no two performances of a given piece are ever the same. For this performance of Guardian Weekend Remix, choir members will direct the performance among themselves using text messages as the piece progresses.

Delbrots and the Man is a project by members of Benoît and the Mandelbrots, including The Man (Drums). The whole performance is mainly based on improvisation wherein the performers try to reach the limits of their network-based system. This project is focused on drone music, noise and distorted sounds.

There’s still more to come, so stay tuned for the next announcements!

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