Network Music Festival

Sound without Borders // 15-18th July 2020

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Saturday 23rd Feb // Late Night Concert / Algorave

Joining Slub to perform in our Saturday Late Night Concert/Algorave will be Mico Rex, xname and Judy Dunaway.

Curated by Wrongheaded, the concert will build from provocative network disturbances to full kilter networked beat music.

Judy Dunaway will perform a live set streamed from Boston, USA to the festival venue in Birmingham. Performing alongside vocalist Jill Burton, Judy is investigating the affects on sound quality of streaming audio across a network and actively seeking out the addition of  audio glitches by routing the audio through multiple live streams before the sound reaches Birmingham.

xname will present her piece Tempus Fugit which investigates the effect of time lag and delay when the sounds from the room in Birmingham are sent via the internet through several servers before being replayed at the venue.

Kicking off our late night Algorave will be Mico Rex, streaming their performance direct from a venue in Mexico. Mico Rex are an experimental electro-pop duo who are pioneers of live-coding in Mexico! They combine genres such as glitch, punk, electro, bolero and future-80s, in an improvised performance with vocals, tortured home-made controllers and most importantly – dancing!

The inventors of the ‘Algorave’ – Slub – will finish the night with a set of live coded, generative, electronic dance music. Slub coined the term algorave to describe music which is ‘made for  both heads and feet, generated live from software, but made by humans for humans.’

Great music and great dancing guaranteed!

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