Network Music Festival

Sound without Borders // 15-18th July 2020

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Telematic Concert // Saturday 23rd Feb, 3pm

On Saturday 23rd February 3pm Melatab, Play the Moment, CLOrk (Concorida Laptop Ensemble), Hammami & Urošević and The Soundlings Collective will perform in our telematic concert.

Each exploring various aspects of the effects of using networks to communicate in multi-location performances, the telematic concert will involve more than 40 performers in over 10 locations across 7 countries!

CLOrk will perform their piece “Small-world Network” alongside acoustic ensembles Mustek and The Transcenders in multiple locations in the USA and UK. The piece explores the elements of synchronicity and multiplicity inherent in performing in multi-locations.

Hammami & Urošević will perform their audio visual piece “Abyss vs. Hyperspace”. Communicating via the internet Hammami and Uršević will combine image and video created by Katarina DJ Urošević in Serbia with Amin Hammami’s sound and music played live in Tunisia. The piece explores the mystery and horror of the abyss in Hyperspace.

Melatab‘s performance references Handel’s Water Music with musical events traversing fibre optic cables, necessary for network music, becoming a metaphor for Handel’s barge on the river Thames. Merging improvised acoustic music, with dance and electronic processes in a collective multi-location performance where synchronicity may occaisionally occur.

Play the Moment will perform the piece Excavating Desire, by Victoria Gibson. In 4 movements Excavating Desire explores desire as the core of individual identity. Play the Moment is an all female improvising multi-disciplinary ensemble based in the USA and Canada.

International sound ensemble The Soundlings Collective will perform _waveFronts, where several performers or ensembles connect via internet streaming to interact with each other. The performance investigates differences in close and distant states of embodiment and the direct and digitally mediated transmission of musical thought.

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