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The Hub to perform at NMF 2013

We are very excited to announce that seminal network music band The Hub will be giving a special performance at NMF 2013 on Saturday 23rd February 2013, 7pm.

Computer network music, as practiced by The Hub over the last two decades, is characterized by the sharing of digital information via a network, which is used to algorithmically influence the music played by each player in the group. This form of interaction provides the opportunity for composer/performers using computers to use the unique attributes of this instantaneous sharing to create new ensemble relations. The musical behavior that results when each performer individually creates their own realization of a data-sharing specification in a variety of computer music languages affords a rich and unpredictable environment. Emergent behaviors and inexplicable synchronicities abound, and are used to enhance a collaborative, and improvisational performance practice.

Their festival performance will include recent group configurations featuring spectral analysis of acoustic objects, room resonance as a data source, as well as hyper-improvisational mapping of shared values among other schemes.

We are releasing a limited number of tickets for The Hub concert only. They can be purchased, along with festival weekend passes and day tickets from:

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