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Call for 30 second samples

Our second call is for 30 second samples to contribute to the piece “Crowd Sources” by CSMA. Call info as follows:


We are going to perform a piece entitled “Crowd Sources” in which we intend to use donated sounds as the sole source materials from which we will compose/ improvise a piece, perform it live on the 28th September 2014 at Network Music Festival,Birmingham. We will record the performance, and make this available on internet, and where possible we will credit the names of contributors

You can read about the Crowd Sources project here

We are looking for samples up to 30 seconds in length- they can comprise of field recordings, composed pieces, voice, spoken word, instrumental extracts, etc

However the recordings must:

1. be your own recording, not a third party copy

2. Copyright free to use in performance and recording

3. Allow permission for us to manipulate

Recordings can be stereo or mono but must be 44.1 KHz, 16 or 24 bit

to submit send audio file (.wav or .aiff) via wetransfer or yousendit to 


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