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Sound without Borders // 15-18th July 2020

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Calls for Participants

We have a few calls for participants in projects have been selected for the Network Music Festival going out over the next few weeks… here’s the first one:



OPEN CALL for woman performers, homemakers, nomads, artists, activists, writers, thinkers. 

CRISISRUS at NETWORK MUSIC FESTIVAL in Birmingham (UK) will combine network streams of audiovisual materials with local perspectives in addressing issues of concerns. By articulating our ‘crisis’ together, we make the crisis our ‘commons’, told, shared, solved together.

Prompted by the prolonging economic crisis as manifested in global Cacerolazo (dubbed global noise) of massive street protests with pots and pans. We want to acknowledge woman work force and resilient capacity in these time of personal and general crisis.

The CrisisRus live performance remixes slogans, signals, noise and visuals in AV manifestation. CrisisRus takes on an online/offline performance format that includes live performance with online AV streams, geolocation mapping and twitter messaging.

How to get involved: SEND US AN EMAIL TO:

We’re interested in hearing from all women performers, homemakers, nomads, artists, activists, writers, thinkers for online participation (post and tweet your crisis, upload AV streams) and live participation at the performance.

About LaptopsRus:

LaptopsRus is a self-organized open-participatory platform engaged in networking woman live performers. In Spring 2009, laptopsRus launched “MEETING | REUNIÓN”, bringing woman live performers for open public meeting/performance set inside an electronically updated boxing ring.  Since its launch at Vision’R 09 in Paris,LaptopsRus has toured extensively including Madrid, Berlin, Geneva and HsinChu, Taiwan.

CrisisRus at PIKSEL Festival nov 2013:


CrisisRus is initiated by laptopsRus (since 2009)

with Maite Cajaraville, Shu Lea Cheang, Lucía Egaña Rojas


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