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August 26, 2014
by shellyknotts
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Call for Remote Performers and Workshop Participants

Capriccio for Networked Performers

Performance // Saturday 27th September // 5-6pm

Capriccio* for Networked Performers is a workshop and performance for any number of musicians and artists, comprising live graphic scoring and semi improvised playing. The score will be generated live, performed by local and remote performers and presented both live at the festival and online.

If you are interested in being involved as a remote performer please contact Hugs Bison directly 

Workshop // Saturday 27th September // 11am-4.30pm

This workshop will focus on graphic scores, improvisation and playing in ensembles, leading to a group mind – the similarities and differences of same room and remote networked playing. There are no skill level requirements, we will collaborate as an ensemble working to everyone’s strengths! Participants are asked to bring their instrument of choice and an amp if they are playing electronically. The workshop leads into the performance so participants must attend the workshop to perform.

If you are interested in attending the workshop please contact Hugs Bison directly 

August 7, 2014
by shellyknotts
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Call for 30 second samples

Our second call is for 30 second samples to contribute to the piece “Crowd Sources” by CSMA. Call info as follows:


We are going to perform a piece entitled “Crowd Sources” in which we intend to use donated sounds as the sole source materials from which we will compose/ improvise a piece, perform it live on the 28th September 2014 at Network Music Festival,Birmingham. We will record the performance, and make this available on internet, and where possible we will credit the names of contributors

You can read about the Crowd Sources project here

We are looking for samples up to 30 seconds in length- they can comprise of field recordings, composed pieces, voice, spoken word, instrumental extracts, etc

However the recordings must:

1. be your own recording, not a third party copy

2. Copyright free to use in performance and recording

3. Allow permission for us to manipulate

Recordings can be stereo or mono but must be 44.1 KHz, 16 or 24 bit

to submit send audio file (.wav or .aiff) via wetransfer or yousendit to 


July 28, 2014
by shellyknotts
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Calls for Participants

We have a few calls for participants in projects have been selected for the Network Music Festival going out over the next few weeks… here’s the first one:



OPEN CALL for woman performers, homemakers, nomads, artists, activists, writers, thinkers. 

CRISISRUS at NETWORK MUSIC FESTIVAL in Birmingham (UK) will combine network streams of audiovisual materials with local perspectives in addressing issues of concerns. By articulating our ‘crisis’ together, we make the crisis our ‘commons’, told, shared, solved together.

Prompted by the prolonging economic crisis as manifested in global Cacerolazo (dubbed global noise) of massive street protests with pots and pans. We want to acknowledge woman work force and resilient capacity in these time of personal and general crisis.

The CrisisRus live performance remixes slogans, signals, noise and visuals in AV manifestation. CrisisRus takes on an online/offline performance format that includes live performance with online AV streams, geolocation mapping and twitter messaging.

How to get involved: SEND US AN EMAIL TO:

We’re interested in hearing from all women performers, homemakers, nomads, artists, activists, writers, thinkers for online participation (post and tweet your crisis, upload AV streams) and live participation at the performance.

About LaptopsRus:

LaptopsRus is a self-organized open-participatory platform engaged in networking woman live performers. In Spring 2009, laptopsRus launched “MEETING | REUNIÓN”, bringing woman live performers for open public meeting/performance set inside an electronically updated boxing ring.  Since its launch at Vision’R 09 in Paris,LaptopsRus has toured extensively including Madrid, Berlin, Geneva and HsinChu, Taiwan.

CrisisRus at PIKSEL Festival nov 2013:


CrisisRus is initiated by laptopsRus (since 2009)

with Maite Cajaraville, Shu Lea Cheang, Lucía Egaña Rojas


June 25, 2014
by shellyknotts
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OPEN CALL is closed!

Thanks to all submitters to the OPEN CALL! We received a total of 74 submissions which are now in the hands of our our reviewing team.

We’ll be announcing the final programme in mid-July, so check back soon for updates!!

April 15, 2014
by shellyknotts
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We’re pleased to announce that the OPEN CALL for NMF 2014 is now OPEN. 

Network Music Festival 2014 invites submissions in the categories of PerformancesCollaborative Live Coding EnvironmentsInstallationsTalks and Workshops. We also include an ‘Other’ category where you are free to submit proposals that fall outside of the previous categories but that you feel would be an appropriate addition to the festival programme.

The third Network Music Festival will take place 26-28th September 2014 in Birmingham (UK). Exploring innovative digital music, art and research which investigates the impact of networking technology on musical creation and performance practice, Network Music Festival will host a weekend of cutting edge and hi-tech musical performances, installations, workshops and talks.

Although we aim to showcase a broad spectrum of approaches to network music, we particularly encourage submissions that fall under the year’s theme of collaboration through online environments and networked live coding.

Please see the OPEN CALL page for further information on submission categories and sub-categories, and for submission forms.

If you have any questions about the Network Music Festival OPEN CALL you can contact the festival team by emailing with ‘OPEN CALL’ in the subject line.

The deadline for submissions in ALL categories is: 16th May 2014  EXTENDED TO 1st June 2014
If your submission is accepted we will inform you by: 27th June 2014

More information and and exciting news about 2014’s festival is now up here.

February 20, 2013
by holgerballweg
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Last minute programme additions

2 Days til festival kick off, and we have some exciting last minute additions to the festival programme!

If you’re getting to Birmingham early, The Hub will giving an extended talk about their work at COMPASS Forum at the University of Birmingham, Bramhall Building on Friday 12-2pm. Free and open to all.

There will be an extra performance on Friday evening by Enrico Bertelli and Tom Webster, who will play a set of new or reworked pieces for drums and electronics.

Ben Greenaway will give a talk about “An observation of events in network enabled shared spaces; 1996 to the present.” in the General Interest Talks session on Sunday. This session will be chaired by Luke Robert Mason, Director of Virtual Futures.

February 18, 2013
by shellyknotts
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Interactive Networked Web Audio Experiences

To get you in the mood for NMF2013 Patrick Borgeat (@cappelnord) has designed and created Interactive Networked Web Audio Experiences!

A set of small web toys containing a distinct musical experience, all controlled by the same interface, which explore the superimposition of different sequence lengths. Interaction is shared between all connected users and state is preserved for upcoming users. This way people from around the world can share their experience and leave trails for upcoming users to discover.

The instrument is available online NOW. Click the link to start: Have fun!